Getting you revenue opportunities with direct mailing experiences

Getting you revenue opportunities with direct mailing experiences

What is direct mail?

Direct mail involves sending a physical piece of promotional asset to a home or business.

Who is this for?

🟥 Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands looking to expand beyond online channels.

🟥Retail brands

🟥 High-ticket items: Real-estate, automotive, subscription services

Looking to engage and convert a broad audience through touch, sight, smell, or even taste.



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Case Studies

Client : Aeon Big 

Campaign : Orange Day (THO & Wangsa Maju) 

Brief : To target residents within 5km radius of the 2 outlets 

Qty  : 70k households 

Medium : A4 Booklet (8pp_ 

Tracking : QR Code that leads to sign-in page for special promotion. 


Sales of each outlet exceeded expectations. One outlet hit more than RM 1 mil sales for the day, and another outlet hit 2.5x of their usual average sales.

How did we know?
Another outlet (Ampang) not using the direct mailing campaign only hit 1/3 of the sales compared to those that used it.

Client : Time Fibre Home

Brief : To target residents of chosen 13 condos in Klang Valley. To get them to convert. 

Qty  : Around 7k+ households 

Medium : Bi-fold Brochure 

Size : 18cm x 24cm W – closed size

Tracking : QR Code that leads to sign-in page for special promotion. 


More than 2.5x of the investment (based on data before the closing date and based on the minimum contract period)!

Client: Real Estate MY 

Target : SS2 double-storey residents

Brief: To provide a free home valuation of their property & gather potential lead

Purpose: To gather a database for leads (potential sellers or buyers) by giving free valuation for their property.

Qty  : 2k+ households 

Medium : Oversized Postcard (6’ x 9’)

Tracking : QR Code that leads to landing page (questionnaire)


Challenge: Only 1 transacted property (double-storey) in the past 5 years!

Response: Received more than 40 leads with more than 60% looking to sell or buy or rent in the next 6 months!

Our Process



We dive deep into your brand’s needs, your business challenges and project goals to understand how direct mail can be used to dynamically benefit your business. Working in collaboration, we’ll develop a successful strategy, whatever your budget and timeframe.



Next, we work with you to develop an effective concept for your direct mail campaign, carefully tailored to your needs, brand and goals. From the imagery to the headlines, it’s all managed by Ignite.



We work with carefully vetted and established printing partners to ensure that your marketing materials are printed to the highest standard at the best price.



Through our strategic partnership with Pos Malaysia, we oversee the distribution of your direct mail materials to over 9 million households across the country.



We constantly keep track of your metrics and measure your results so that you understand the impact direct mail is having on your business. And by reviewing the data, we can refine and develop your direct marketing strategy as part of an ongoing partnership.

Our coverage

With reach of over 9.1 million addresses, we're the only POS Malaysia partner that provides your brand with complete coverage of Malaysian addresses.

9.1 million 


9.1 million 


Connecting Brands With The Right Consumers

Connecting Brands With The Right Consumers


Ignite direct mail partners directly with Pos Malaysia to cover the entirety of physical addresses in Malaysia with Pos Malaysia’s extensive database.

The delivery is also done by Pos Malaysia, so that all deliverables are sent without anything left behind.

Yes definitely. In fact, direct mail complements any online marketing efforts and provide that extra engagement point with a 75% chance of people remembering your brand. 

Contrary to popular belief that traditional media isn’t trackable, we’ve developed a combination of online and offline methods to make direct mail one of the most attributable revenue channels out there. In a day and age where social advertising pixels are decreasing in accuracy, direct mail presents an alternative.