Why Does Malaysia Need Direct Mailing?

It’s vital not to forget that real communication sells real products. At Ignite, we connect brands to customers in a direct, personal and impactful way.

The worldwide Covid-19 crisis has had an impact on almost every aspect of business, with traditional advertising being impacted particularly significantly. Having spent more than 14 years running a highly successful OOH agency, our worst fears came true.

Not a single campaign booking. For one full year

We knew then that a new way of reaching target audiences was needed.

Then came an epiphany: Direct Mailing.

We founded Ignite with a simple reason. We want to help brands create a direct link, straight to their customers. No longer do they need to go through mediums to get to their customers.

We understand that clear, effective connections between companies and consumers are vital in any industry and we want to make a positive difference for your brand and your customers. Getting your direct marketing and mailing right and helping you share your brand, services and stories in the most meaningful way possible is our passion.

Partnering with Pos Malaysia, we offer a direct mailing solution designed to reach anyone, anywhere. You’ll have the opportunity to contact, engage and inspire a potentially limitless customer base effectively and with ease.

We can’t wait to share what we can do for your brands.

Ignite. Direct mailing done right.

If you want to reach the widest possible audience, grow your business across Malaysia, then why not find out how Ignite’s dedicated team can help you?

Let’s start your brand’s direct mailing journey